Our Mission

Educating friends, family, and care providers on the important role they have in supporting parents, who never got the chance to meet their children here on earth.

Our Plan of Action

Our Plan of Action

  • To work with hospitals to distribute care packages, full of helpful information, to new parents the will be leaving the hospital without their baby.
  • To strengthen the grieving parents existing support network of family and friends by providing resources that explain how they can help their loved ones through this difficult time.
  • To educate care providers on the impact of their words and actions when a baby dies.
  • To build a nationwide support system for the grieving parents and their families.
We Believe

We Believe

  • That our babies matter AND deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • That a strong network of friends and family is crucial to the grieving process AND in order to be good support they need to be supported too.
  • That the mother’s care provide holds a sacred role in the grieving process AND should take that responsibility very seriously.
  • That we are strong and we will make it through this season – even though some days we may feel like the world is crumbling around us.

About Us

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