Memory Quilt Sets

Memory Quilt Sets

Thank you so much for your interest in this project! It is our goal to provide these very specialĀ  quilt sets to hospitals as they are requested.

It is really easy to get involved. We are not looking for completed quilts – just flimsy’s (aka quilt tops). We will be cutting the tops, into our special heart shaped pattern then backing with fleece, machine quilting, and binding. When completed there will be two small 8″x10″ hearts (for loved ones to always keep near) and one large heart shaped quilt to use as swaddling blanket for baby.

Please join our quilters group on facebook, we plan to extend monthly themed challenges aimed at scrap busting. You can choose to participate in the challenge or you can just make whatever you like. Either way come join us at Expected Hugs Quilters!!

We only have a few rules that we ask you to follow.

– Size: tops should be at least 30″ x 26″
– We prefer tops to be gender neutral (but it is not required).
– You must include an extra 1″ square (or scrap big enough to cut a 1″ square) of each fabric you use so we can add them to the main Expected Hugs quilt project.
– Choose your own pattern (we aren’t picky) and have fun!

By choosing to participate in this project you will be helping us bring light to families going through a very dark time. You will become a part of these families journey’s as you pour your heart into each top you sew. If you would like, you may include a note to the family with each quilt top you donate. It is our goal to let them know that their baby will always be remembered.

Please mail your finished quilt tops to:
Expected Hugs
P.O. Box 429 Cool, CA 95614


6 thoughts on “Memory Quilt Sets

  1. My great grandson was a premi
    born at 26 weeks. He was in NICU
    3 1/2 months and cane home in good shape. We will never forget how blessed we are to have him and his health. Sign me up

    1. Kelly, what would you like to know? I’m still trying to figure out how to write up everything so it makes sense to people outside of my own head. So any questions you have will be very helpful In that process.

    1. Deb, what would you like to know? At this point we are not an official non-profit organization. We are heading in that direction just have to finish filing all the paperwork.

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