Stillbirth Awareness Quilt

Stillbirth Awareness Quilt

We are creating a postage stamp quilt in memory of the 26,000+ babies born sleeping every year in the USA. It will be made up of 365 block – each made with 72 tiny 1″ squares. 71 to represent the number of stillborn babies born daily (no two fabrics will be the same) + 1 to represent hope.

There are a few ways you can help.

SHARING: We want this project to reach as many people as possible. We want to encourage friends and family to keep talking about these special babies. Grieving parents need to know that their babies will always be remembered.

DEDICATIONS: If you would like to have a block dedicated to your sweet stillborn baby please message the page. Please include their name, birthday, and anything else you would like us to know.  We would love to honor them and you by sewing a block in their memory.

FABRIC DONATIONS: If you are a quilter and would like to contribute to this project (tiny one inch 100% quilting cotton scraps are all we need) please mail scrap fabric to:

Expected Hugs
P.O. Box 429 Cool, CA 95614

2 thoughts on “Stillbirth Awareness Quilt

  1. Blocks needed are 1″ square, is this correct? So after it is sewed the block will be much smaller, or do I allow for seam allowance? Please reply to my above email address. Also I am mending from a badly fractured ankle so when I feel comfortable to ascend the stairs to my sewing menagerie, I shall get some gathered up to send.

    Hope I can make a difference. Katrinka

    1. Yes, that us correct. The squares finish at 1/2″. They are really really unbelievably tiny!

      Every one makes a difference in this world just by being.

      Take care of your ankle (keep that suckers elevated as much as possible). I will still be here when you are all healed up. :)

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